Which blog is best?


This is my 57th post on ‘Wait! What? Sorry.’ And it marks a year since my first post. On this anniversary I have looked back on some of my favourite posts, which is all of them. So I’d like to tell you about all of them, but I can’t, my people say it’ll be too long and reveal too much. So instead I’ll just give you the titles and you can click through to read them. And what better way to do that than with a game of ‘Questions Only’ (yes, based on the Whose Line Is It Anyway game where you can only ask questions).

Do you want me to cry? What did I hear? Where did you come from? What on Earth happened? Why did you attack our victim here? Would you like a murder weapon with that? Can you handle the truth?

Does this scare you? Can I ask you a question? Do you want peace? Does time really matter? Do I get the blue one or the red one? A Cliché?

Am I going to die? Can I bury you alive? Does this hurt? Why does my head hurt? You wanna know how I got these scars? What have you done this time? Was it him again?

Can I get a burger? Can I have a chocolate milkshake? What’s for dinner? Is it a UFO? Would you still eat it? Which one is which? Do you wanna know what would be perfect? Is this a dream? Can I go to bed?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Are you a cat person? Do you want to be an animal? Do you mind me calling you a pig? Do you really want peace? How do I react to the death of a bug? Did I break it?

Do you want some facts about leaves? Why did he just look at the ceiling? Who is that guy? When were you born? When do I get my adult legs? Can you find me? Why did you leave me?

What do I write about? Is this worth mentioning? Can you read this? Why did I type that? Is this a song Michael? Is this impressive? Can I make a paper aeroplane?

Who will win tonight? Why won’t they win? What to analyse? Why analyse what I’ve already analysed? Where are we taking them? Why do I hate X-mas?

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