Are you kidnapping me?


It’s no problem, it’s just this is the first time someone’s kidnapped me, so I’m a bit nervous.

I noticed you didn’t bring a bag with you. I can race back inside and get one for you. I’ve also got some duct tape lying around and a few zip-ties. I’ll just be a second.

You don’t seem very prepared for this kidnapping. I was expecting to be taken by surprise, chucked in a car, that sort of thing, but you just rang the doorbell.

Sorry guys, this is the first time I’ve been kidnapped and I wanted it to be perfect. Or at least like I imagined. This is kind of disappointing, I hope the torture makes up for it. You are going to torture me, right?

Can I berry you?


This is a loaded question, and I feel I need to explain it to avoid confusion.

First, you need to check the spelling of berry, it’s very important. Never say “Yes” unless you know they’re spelling it b-e-r-r-y, not b-u-r-y, otherwise you could be headed to the bottom of a pit.

Once you’ve checked the spelling of berry, the question is simple. It has three possible meanings:

1: The person asking to berry you is asking if they can give you a berry. This is the most common meaning of the question, and it’s generally asked when you aren’t eating a berry.

2: The person asking to berry you is asking if they can throw berries at you so you can catch them in your mouth. This is usually done with blueberries, a berry small enough to catch in your mouth, but still solid enough to maintain a smooth trajectory when thrown.

3: The final meaning of this question is less well known. This time the person asking to berry you is asking if they can treat you like a berry. This involves chopping you up and juicing you in order to make a delicious berry smoothie.

Why am I still standing here?


This is kind of embarrassing… but I stepped in concrete.

I was walking home from the shops when I saw the wet concrete sign. I stepped off the footpath and continued walking next to the fence, but there was a dog. The dog startled me and I stepped backwards… right into the concrete.

You don’t need to worry, I could be here overnight though. I got stuck a few hours ago when the workers weren’t around. They’re still not back yet, I think they knocked off early.

There’s also a chance you’ll see me on the news tonight, a camera crew just pulled up. See, I’m not the only one stuck here. There’s four, make that five others stuck here with me. I’m starting to think the dog planned it all along.

Did it want a shower too?


I just had a shower with a cockroach, it was terrifying!

All was fine when I got into the shower, but shortly after I turned on the water the cockroach appeared. It crawled up the wall right next to me. Now, I’m of the opinion that if you leave cockroaches alone they won’t bother you, I was wrong…

About half way up the wall the cockroach turned evil. It jumped off the wall! I was watching it, it didn’t slip, it jumped! And I freaked! Instinctively I jumped and tried to land well away from the menacing cockroach.

From then on I didn’t take my eye of the cockroach. It decided to make itself at home behind my shampoo. I didn’t need to wash my hair anyway.

If the cockroach stayed there I could finish my shower. But I still needed to wash my body and my body wash was right next to my shampoo.

Carefully I reached out and grabbed my body wash. When I finished there was no way I was going to put it down anywhere near the cockroach, it went on the floor, well away from the shampoo.

When I turned the water off the cockroach popped its head out, and I was out of there.

It was the scariest experience of my day at least.

What would you choose to do in your adventure?


There’s a tap on the window. It’s late at night but through the breeze you hear another tap on the window. In the city taps on the window are common. Putting your cup down you head over to the window and open the curtains. Looking down you see Frank, but he’s different.

Frank is normally jovial, with a big smile on his face, but now his hair is a mess, he seems to be constantly looking over his shoulder and he’s hunched over. He bends down to pick up another stone, but when he looks up he sees you and beckons you down.

You open the door, stepping out you hear a soft call from the shadows. Slowly you go over to Frank. Up close you see his black eye and bruised hands. “They took Sally.”
“Wait! What? Sorry.” is your only reply.
“The Blue Fruit Gang. They say I owe them money.”

The Blue Fruit Gang control fifty per cent of the city through the distribution of the drug Blue Fruit. It’s powerful, addictive and has most of the city hooked.

“I bought some Blue Fruit a month ago but I paid them, I swear.” Frank pleaded as his communicator beeped. “It’s a picture of Sally.”
Frank hands you the phone. “Look! It’s time stamped, it was taken a minute ago.” You hand the phone back to Frank. “Hang on, I know where that is. It’s the old warehouse, I work next door.”
“What do we do, go after her or call the authorities?” asks Frank.

To call the authorities turn to page 48.
To go to the warehouse yourselves turn to page 105.