What would you choose to do in your adventure?


There’s a tap on the window. It’s late at night but through the breeze you hear another tap on the window. In the city taps on the window are common. Putting your cup down you head over to the window and open the curtains. Looking down you see Frank, but he’s different.

Frank is normally jovial, with a big smile on his face, but now his hair is a mess, he seems to be constantly looking over his shoulder and he’s hunched over. He bends down to pick up another stone, but when he looks up he sees you and beckons you down.

You open the door, stepping out you hear a soft call from the shadows. Slowly you go over to Frank. Up close you see his black eye and bruised hands. “They took Sally.”
“Wait! What? Sorry.” is your only reply.
“The Blue Fruit Gang. They say I owe them money.”

The Blue Fruit Gang control fifty per cent of the city through the distribution of the drug Blue Fruit. It’s powerful, addictive and has most of the city hooked.

“I bought some Blue Fruit a month ago but I paid them, I swear.” Frank pleaded as his communicator beeped. “It’s a picture of Sally.”
Frank hands you the phone. “Look! It’s time stamped, it was taken a minute ago.” You hand the phone back to Frank. “Hang on, I know where that is. It’s the old warehouse, I work next door.”
“What do we do, go after her or call the authorities?” asks Frank.

To call the authorities turn to page 48.
To go to the warehouse yourselves turn to page 105.

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