Is this a cafe?


Is it just me? Or does anyone else think breakfast food is amazing!?.

And by breakfast food, I mean cereal, yogurt, toast, eggs, bacon, fruit. That is an amazing list of food, healthy and delicious. I would eat it every meal of the day.

And that’s what I’m getting at here. Even in a cafe that serves all-day breakfast others judge my choice of cereal at dinner time.

I want to open a cafe that only serves breakfast food! And it will only be open in the afternoon, from midday to midnight (maybe later if people still think 3AM counts as the night before).

And I will call it… ‘Morning’.

Is this a bush dance?


You might think a bush dance sounds like a nice idea, but wait until you hear what bush dances were really like…

Long ago, before humans existed, Martians ruled the Earth (this was before they left the Earth and settled on Mars) and every year they held a bush dance. But it wasn’t a dance… it was a sacrifice.

The ceremony started with Martians dancing and encouraging all the animals and plants to join in. After a few bushes, usually fruit or flower bushes, occasionally a herb bush, joined the dance, the Martians separated the two strongest bushes from the other plants and animals. Then the drums started.

The bushes kept dancing to the drums not knowing the drums signalled the elder Martian and began the sacrificial ritual. The strongest bushes were herded toward the elder Martian and he lit the innocent bushes on fire.

As they burned they stopped dancing, allowing Martians to grab them and throw them on the altar. Their ashes were offered to the gods to ensure a bountiful harvest the coming year.

And that is the story of the first bush dance… or bush sacrifice.

Is this a riddle?


If I murder a family and leave the youngest alive, would the police blame her?

If I crept into the house and disturbed nothing, leaving no trace, apart from the weapon that I leave with the youngest, how couldn’t the police blame her?

If I dispatched the father and mother first, then the eldest and her brother, before leaving the weapon with the youngest, how could it not make her guilty?

If I used a weapon appropriate for the youngest and made my technique match the youngest, how dumb would you be if you didn’t suspect her?

If I left the youngest crying in her crib with the weapon, how could you not see through her acting to disguise her guilt?

If the youngest had her mothers blood on her face, how could you not imprison the three-month old for life?

What are you reading?


And I have the answer! You are currently reading this Wait! What? Sorry. post.

I’m assuming you’re reading this because you’ve read a Wait! What? Sorry. post in the past, or future, I’m not concerned when. The important thing is you’re here for more.

But right now I need some information from you. I need to know if this is your second time reading a Wait! What? Sorry. post or your fiftieth. It matters because I rarely post something of the same genre and style two weeks in a row. I like to mix it up and keep it random.

That way my readers are always on their toes. Unless, of course, I cut them off. That’s the other thing new readers should know, I often make idle threats. Just ask all my toe-less readers!?.