What was I dreaming about?


I just had a nap. In that nap I had a dream, which contained an idea. The trouble is, I can’t remember what it was.

I always have this problem. I have a dream, but when I wake up I generally have no idea what my dream was about.

I only seem to remember my dreams if they were about football. The thing about this dream is, it had football in it. My mates and I went to a game and enjoyed ourselves. But I don’t remember my great idea in the dream.

But it sure was a good game of football.

How do I say thank-you?


Today marks two years since I started ‘Wait! What? Sorry.’ So I just wanted to say thank-you.

This past year has been a year of high highs and low lows for me. And yet through it all I have managed a weekly post. During my lowest lows that was an achievement.

During my highs I had no idea the lows would come, but now as the lows begin to fade the highs are something I treasure more.

Very few of my endeavours make it to two years. But ‘Wait! What? Sorry.’ has, and I look forward to continuing the random journey through my mind with you.


Should I watch live?


I support FC Internazionale Milano, but I have a huge problem when I watch their matches live. They can’t win!

Inter have (so far) played ten competitive games this season (2016/2017). I have watched half of them live. In those five matches Inter have lost four and drawn one.

When I watch Inter play live they don’t win. But I love my team and want to watch their games live when I can. How can I choose?

At the moment you’re probably thinking “It makes no difference whether you watch the games or not.” Let me assure you it does. In the games I haven’t watched Inter have three wins, a draw and a loss. Further pointing to the fact that it’s all my fault.

Inter have a key Europa League match on later this week. I will be watching live. I will decide whether I should watch further live matches based on the result.

What if I don’t have a question?


I’ve been writing for ‘Wait! What? Sorry.’ for almost two years now, and it’s scary!

Every Tuesday I need to think of something to write about! What happens if I wake up and I have a complete mental blank and can’t think of anything to write about!

I have a list of ideas on my phone to use if I ever get stuck. But what if I lose that on the day I get writer’s block!

I always title my blogs with a question. What happens if I’ve suddenly asked every single question in the world…

Actually, that’s quite good. What if there was a world where no one asked a question? What would that look like? I could write a movie about that.

Are you breaking up with me?


I’ve been thinking for awhile now, and I think it’s time I should move on.

I’ll always remember the way we got together, that first call, the texts, the time we saw that mud and all the laughs we shared. I will always treasure them.

You’ve taught me so much. Patiently we worked through our problems, and we overcame them. But I feel that all these problems are just becoming burdens that won’t go away. I can’t do it anymore.

It honestly has nothing to do with your looks.¬†You have a bit more bulk than others, and you aren’t sporty or fast. But while most don’t see your beauty, I do, and I love it.

When I say it’s you please don’t take any offence. Smartphones have bounded ahead in the last few years and I think it’s time I started looking for a new phone.