Can you help me put my shoes on?


Excuse me sir, can you please help me put my new shoes on? I only just got them and I’m having a bit of trouble. Can you help?

You see, they’re my favourite shoes. I love the colours, it matches perfectly with the shirt I’m wearing. The low cut profile allows my ankles to breathe. And they just suit my style.

It’s a real pity they’re two sizes too small.

I wasn’t too picky when I got them. I just saw someone wearing them and asked if I could have them, he said, “Over my dead body!” So I killed him and got my new shoes. That’s why they’re a bit blood splattered.

Thank you for helpi… Hang on a second. What size shoe are you? I’d kill for those shoes.

A comfortble home?


The chicken surveyed its surroudings. He lay on a comfortable green bed accompanied by his best friend, a pig. Together they we’re wrapped up in a cosy and warm little home.

Although plenty of hustle and bustle surrounded them, they were peaceful and content inside their home. Conversation driffted from the weather to what life was like. Their cosy and comfortable home seemed impenetrible, they could stay there forever.

The only thing about their cosy little home that they disliked was the lack of a window. Then all of a sudden they had it. A brand new window that let a little light in. Life was perfect.


“Hey guys! I wonder what the chicken and bacon are thinking as I eat my wrap?”