What did Shelly do?


Mark unlocked the door. Grant and I were expecting them home a bit later, we hadn’t had time to clean up after our tomato sauce fight.

Grant was in the bathroom cleaning himself up when I heard Mark’s car pull in the driveway. Looking around I saw that all the tomato sauce on the floor and me looked like a brutal murder scene. I lay down in the middle of the floor and closed my eyes. It was going to be the best prank ever.

Mark was first through the door, followed by Maria, Toni and Shane. They were shocked, I knew they were all staring at me. I like being the centre of attention.

I heard Mark ask Maria if she was alright. That was typical, they were so cute together. Mark could be having a heart-attack and still thinking of others. But what about me! Shouldn’t he be checking on me!?.

I heard some muffled noises from the hallway, but I ignored them, I didn’t realise how much concentration it took to pretend to be dead. I’d burst out laughing if Grant told a joke.

I ignored thuds in the hallway and footsteps, concentrating on being still. I felt Toni’s eyes on me, I know exactly what Toni’s presence feels like. She gently picked up my hand and started crying. I knew exactly what she was thinking, we had been through a lot together, and the thought of losing me must’ve been unbearable.

I opened my eyes, put my arm around her and whispered “I’m sorry.” I felt her delight, but mostly I felt her comfort.

We stayed there embracing. Maria came over and joined us, she was crying too.

When I finally looked up I saw Mark, but no Grant or Shane. Mark had concern all over his face, “Shelly, something’s happened to Grant.”

My heart sank as I heard the siren in the background. I moved towards the hallway, but Mark stopped me. He wasn’t quick enough though, I saw Grant lying in a pool of blood, real blood.

Toni and Maria came over and embraced me. Now it was my turn to cry.

What did Toni do?


Maria, Shane and I pushed past Mark, but the sight of Shelly made me wish I hadn’t.

I grew up with Shelly even though she was a few years older than me. We often got into trouble but Shelly was always there to protect me. I always looked up to Shelly, moving in with her felt like being united with my older sister.

I met Shane at university and immediately liked him. I always felt safe around him, he was very protective of me. My only worry came when I introduced him to Shelly. I thought they would get along well, but instead they were really nervous around each other. Maybe there was history there.

Staring at Shelly’s body paralysed me. There was blood everywhere, her clothes, the carpet, her hair. But despite all the blood she looked peaceful. She lay naturally, her face was clean and her eyes were shut.

Mark stepped in front of me and put two reassuring hands on my shoulders. “Are you alright?” he asked. I didn’t know what to say but out of the corner of my eye I spotted Grant. Shane pushed him back and followed him into the hallway. Mark was quickly off to calm the two down which left me looking at Shelly.

Was I alright? The question wasn’t comforting anymore, it was haunting. As I knelt at her side all I could think was that without Shelly I’m lost. She provided light in my life and was always on for a laugh. I would never feel the guidance from my guardian angel again.

I heard a rush of footsteps behind me and turned to see Maria enter with a phone to her ear. She looked for Mark, to answer I looked at the hallway. But my eyes soon returned to Shelly.

How precious she looked, so calm and beautiful. I gently picked up her hand, unblemished by blood it was soft, firm and warm. I clasped it to my chest and cried…

What did Maria do?


I pushed past Mark while Shane and Toni did the same. In my three years of living in this house I had walked in on a few strange things, but nothing prepared me for this.

When I first moved into the sharehouse my housemates weren’t Shelly and Toni. Shelly moved in a year later, while Toni moved in after I got married. Shelly and Toni were both mischievous and even though I was more reserved, we became good friends.

It was Mark’s hand that woke me from my shock. He whispered, “Call an ambulance,” into my ear. I stepped outside and dialled the number. This was the first time I had called an ambulance, and I was still half in shock when the barrage of questions came. I answered them as best as I could, name, emergency, address. The ambulance was on it’s way.

Then the operator asked me how Shelly’s condition was. I couldn’t look. Even looking through the window was hard, and I could only see her chest. But it moved, I was sure of it. Toni blocked my view, but I couldn’t stay outside anyway. The operator was giving me instructions I didn’t understand, but I knew Mark would.

As I entered Shane nearly knocked me over on his way out, but once I was inside I couldn’t see Mark. Toni responded to my unspoken question with a look to the hallway. I headed there and found Mark next to Grant’s body. Mark looked up and shook his head…

What did Shane do?


Maria, Toni and I pushed past Mark into Toni’s place. A few months ago I met Toni. I liked her and she liked me. We started dating a few weeks ago and she introduced me to her friends. I like hanging out with Maria and Mark, but Toni’s house-mate surprised me.

Shelly and I had history. She was my first girlfriend in high-school. We were together for a year and during that time we had a lot of firsts as we fell in love. When it came to an end I was heartbroken.

My relationship with Toni was going nicely when she introduced me to Shelly. I hadn’t seen Shelly since we broke up and even though I liked Toni, I couldn’t stop some of the old feelings for Shelly returning.

I had never seen a dead body before. Shelly just lay there, unmoving and dead. I almost lost my balance and aimlessly stumbled towards the kitchen, using the bench for balance. Behind me I heard a noise coming down the hallway from the bathroom. It was Grant, and he held a blood stained rag. I put the pieces together.

My instincts kicked in. I grabbed a knife off the bench and thrust it into Grant’s chest. I felt powerless against my emotions, Grant stabbed Shelly and he had to pay. Blood rushed through my veins as I plunged the knife into Grant again and again.

Mark struggled to overpower me as I continued to stab Grant, not even Mark was going to stop me making Grant pay for what he did to Shelly. Mark finally managed to restrain me against a wall. I continued to struggle, but went nowhere.

As I started to calm down Mark loosened his hold over me. I wrestled free and ran. Straight past Shelly, out the open door and past Maria. I had to get out…

What did Mark do?


Maria, Shane, Toni and I had just returned from a date night movie, but we felt like continuing the fun with a game of cards at Toni’s place. Toni’s place was small, but she and her house-mate, Shelly, often entertained.

I knew the place well, Maria, now my wife, used to live here. Maria and I still often visit and invite the pair on date nights like this one. Toni and her new boyfriend, Shane, came to the movie while Shelly and her boyfriend, Grant, decided cook dinner for us before our return.

I opened the door, and froze. In front of me lay Shelly. Blood stained the carpet and Shelly’s shirt. Maria pushed past me and saw the scene. The shock on her face shook me into action, I whispered to her, “Call an ambulance.”

At first she didn’t move, so I reached a gentle hand over her shoulder and repeated my instruction. My touch seemed to spark her back to life and slowly she went outside to call an ambulance.

I felt both Shane and Toni push inside too. By now they had both seen Shelly lying on the floor covered in blood. Turning to Toni I stepped between her and Shelly, putting my hands on her shoulders and asked, “Are you alright?”

But she didn’t answer, instead her eyes looked over my shoulder. Turning around I saw Shane at the start of the hallway wielding a knife and lunging further into the hallway. I reached Shane and saw him stabbing someone below him. I grabbed Shane and although I’m stronger tearing him away wasn’t easy. I copped several elbows to the face before restraining him against the wall.

As he calmed down I was able to get a better look at the helpless figure lying in the middle of the hallway. It was Grant, Shelly’s boyfriend…

Is that your hand?


Lucas and I had the weekend off, so we decided to rent a cabin in the woods. And this is the line where I tell you that we never should have done that because our lives will never be the same again. Or something along those lines.

On Friday evening we drove up to the cabin after work. We arrived after sunset and Lucas started a fire while I unpacked. And right now I tell you how we first noticed something strange. I explain that it was a feeling we both had, like we were being watched or misplacing a few items.

Once Lucas got the fire going he started cooking the sausages we bought. Now I talk about the undeniable event that told us to run. Like the lights going out, or the random knock at the door when no one’s there. But we’ve all seen a horror movie, we know the main characters never do the smart thing.

As I lay in bed a hand grasped my arm. This is the part where you guys get really scared. Then the camera zooms our to reveal Lucas in the same bed. You feel fine, everything is calm. But then another hand grabs my throat, making you jump.

But none of that happened. Lucas and I just watched a few horror movies on the couch and feel asleep.

What happened to my tongue?


I’ve found out that my tongue is quite important. It’s very painful to talk and eat when my tongue hurts. My tongue started hurting last week, but I can’t look at it to find out why.

Now you’re probably thinking why I haven’t looked in a mirror. Well, I was taught that it is rude to poke your tongue out at anyone. That includes me, and when someone is rude to me I burst into tears and cry about it for hours. I can’t be rude to myself, my sanity depends on it.

I can’t look at my tongue in a mirror. And I can’t poke my tongue out at other people, even if they say they don’t mind. I tried shrinking people and putting them in my mouth to look at my tongue, but I accidentally ate a few.

I have no idea why my tongue is sore. And I suppose I’ll never find out. And this is happening after I was kidnapped and tortured because I spoke too much. It’s been a bad week.