Is that your hand?


Lucas and I had the weekend off, so we decided to rent a cabin in the woods. And this is the line where I tell you that we never should have done that because our lives will never be the same again. Or something along those lines.

On Friday evening we drove up to the cabin after work. We arrived after sunset and Lucas started a fire while I unpacked. And right now I tell you how we first noticed something strange. I explain that it was a feeling we both had, like we were being watched or misplacing a few items.

Once Lucas got the fire going he started cooking the sausages we bought. Now I talk about the undeniable event that told us to run. Like the lights going out, or the random knock at the door when no one’s there. But we’ve all seen a horror movie, we know the main characters never do the smart thing.

As I lay in bed a hand grasped my arm. This is the part where you guys get really scared. Then the camera zooms our to reveal Lucas in the same bed. You feel fine, everything is calm. But then another hand grabs my throat, making you jump.

But none of that happened. Lucas and I just watched a few horror movies on the couch and feel asleep.

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