Is this acceptable?


Dear Mrs Foolery,

I am writing to you today informing you of the unacceptable behaviour of Tom. His behaviour is unsettling students, teachers and staff, and causing damage to school property.

Over the first three days of the school year Tom has:

  • switched the ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ signs on the toilets
  • glued his teachers non-stick cookware to her table
  • made a weapon out of the safety scissors
  • moved a ‘Slippery When Wet’ sign to a carpeted area
  • tied his classmates shoelaces together during a game of stuck in the mud
  • removed all the schools toilet paper to mummify himself and scare students studying Ancient Egypt
  • removed a classmates shoe and handed it to the teacher when she asked for everyone’s phones
  • placed banana skins on walkways
  • told the teacher the rabbits droppings were sultanas
  • bought dog poop to class when the teacher asked him to show how he helped clean-up
  • held the teachers palm to tell her fortune and told her she will have a pool and asked her where she wanted it, and when she pointed he spat in that area
  • feed the teachers salad to the rabbit when he was asked to feed it
  • commanded the teacher to call him Tom Riddle when he found out she was a Harry Potter fan

These are just a few of the stunts Tom performed. We are currently investigating another ten incidents and expect to link them to Tom as well.

Unless Tom’s behaviour improves dramatically over the next two days I will make sure that his first week of Transition here will also be his last.


From Principal Waterson

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