What happened to my tongue?


I’ve found out that my tongue is quite important. It’s very painful to talk and eat when my tongue hurts. My tongue started hurting last week, but I can’t look at it to find out why.

Now you’re probably thinking why I haven’t looked in a mirror. Well, I was taught that it is rude to poke your tongue out at anyone. That includes me, and when someone is rude to me I burst into tears and cry about it for hours. I can’t be rude to myself, my sanity depends on it.

I can’t look at my tongue in a mirror. And I can’t poke my tongue out at other people, even if they say they don’t mind. I tried shrinking people and putting them in my mouth to look at my tongue, but I accidentally ate a few.

I have no idea why my tongue is sore. And I suppose I’ll never find out. And this is happening after I was kidnapped and tortured because I spoke too much. It’s been a bad week.

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