What did Mark do?


Maria, Shane, Toni and I had just returned from a date night movie, but we felt like continuing the fun with a game of cards at Toni’s place. Toni’s place was small, but she and her house-mate, Shelly, often entertained.

I knew the place well, Maria, now my wife, used to live here. Maria and I still often visit and invite the pair on date nights like this one. Toni and her new boyfriend, Shane, came to the movie while Shelly and her boyfriend, Grant, decided cook dinner for us before our return.

I opened the door, and froze. In front of me lay Shelly. Blood stained the carpet and Shelly’s shirt. Maria pushed past me and saw the scene. The shock on her face shook me into action, I whispered to her, “Call an ambulance.”

At first she didn’t move, so I reached a gentle hand over her shoulder and repeated my instruction. My touch seemed to spark her back to life and slowly she went outside to call an ambulance.

I felt both Shane and Toni push inside too. By now they had both seen Shelly lying on the floor covered in blood. Turning to Toni I stepped between her and Shelly, putting my hands on her shoulders and asked, “Are you alright?”

But she didn’t answer, instead her eyes looked over my shoulder. Turning around I saw Shane at the start of the hallway wielding a knife and lunging further into the hallway. I reached Shane and saw him stabbing someone below him. I grabbed Shane and although I’m stronger tearing him away wasn’t easy. I copped several elbows to the face before restraining him against the wall.

As he calmed down I was able to get a better look at the helpless figure lying in the middle of the hallway. It was Grant, Shelly’s boyfriend…

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