What did Shane do?


Maria, Toni and I pushed past Mark into Toni’s place. A few months ago I met Toni. I liked her and she liked me. We started dating a few weeks ago and she introduced me to her friends. I like hanging out with Maria and Mark, but Toni’s house-mate surprised me.

Shelly and I had history. She was my first girlfriend in high-school. We were together for a year and during that time we had a lot of firsts as we fell in love. When it came to an end I was heartbroken.

My relationship with Toni was going nicely when she introduced me to Shelly. I hadn’t seen Shelly since we broke up and even though I liked Toni, I couldn’t stop some of the old feelings for Shelly returning.

I had never seen a dead body before. Shelly just lay there, unmoving and dead. I almost lost my balance and aimlessly stumbled towards the kitchen, using the bench for balance. Behind me I heard a noise coming down the hallway from the bathroom. It was Grant, and he held a blood stained rag. I put the pieces together.

My instincts kicked in. I grabbed a knife off the bench and thrust it into Grant’s chest. I felt powerless against my emotions, Grant stabbed Shelly and he had to pay. Blood rushed through my veins as I plunged the knife into Grant again and again.

Mark struggled to overpower me as I continued to stab Grant, not even Mark was going to stop me making Grant pay for what he did to Shelly. Mark finally managed to restrain me against a wall. I continued to struggle, but went nowhere.

As I started to calm down Mark loosened his hold over me. I wrestled free and ran. Straight past Shelly, out the open door and past Maria. I had to get out…

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