What did Shelly do?


Mark unlocked the door. Grant and I were expecting them home a bit later, we hadn’t had time to clean up after our tomato sauce fight.

Grant was in the bathroom cleaning himself up when I heard Mark’s car pull in the driveway. Looking around I saw that all the tomato sauce on the floor and me looked like a brutal murder scene. I lay down in the middle of the floor and closed my eyes. It was going to be the best prank ever.

Mark was first through the door, followed by Maria, Toni and Shane. They were shocked, I knew they were all staring at me. I like being the centre of attention.

I heard Mark ask Maria if she was alright. That was typical, they were so cute together. Mark could be having a heart-attack and still thinking of others. But what about me! Shouldn’t he be checking on me!?.

I heard some muffled noises from the hallway, but I ignored them, I didn’t realise how much concentration it took to pretend to be dead. I’d burst out laughing if Grant told a joke.

I ignored thuds in the hallway and footsteps, concentrating on being still. I felt Toni’s eyes on me, I know exactly what Toni’s presence feels like. She gently picked up my hand and started crying. I knew exactly what she was thinking, we had been through a lot together, and the thought of losing me must’ve been unbearable.

I opened my eyes, put my arm around her and whispered “I’m sorry.” I felt her delight, but mostly I felt her comfort.

We stayed there embracing. Maria came over and joined us, she was crying too.

When I finally looked up I saw Mark, but no Grant or Shane. Mark had concern all over his face, “Shelly, something’s happened to Grant.”

My heart sank as I heard the siren in the background. I moved towards the hallway, but Mark stopped me. He wasn’t quick enough though, I saw Grant lying in a pool of blood, real blood.

Toni and Maria came over and embraced me. Now it was my turn to cry.

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