Should I watch live?


I support FC Internazionale Milano, but I have a huge problem when I watch their matches live. They can’t win!

Inter have (so far) played ten competitive games this season (2016/2017). I have watched half of them live. In those five matches Inter have lost four and drawn one.

When I watch Inter play live they don’t win. But I love my team and want to watch their games live when I can. How can I choose?

At the moment you’re probably thinking “It makes no difference whether you watch the games or not.” Let me assure you it does. In the games I haven’t watched Inter have three wins, a draw and a loss. Further pointing to the fact that it’s all my fault.

Inter have a key Europa League match on later this week. I will be watching live. I will decide whether I should watch further live matches based on the result.

One thought on “Should I watch live?

  1. madwife77

    Hey Chris you’re full of character, Inter better alive than dead anyway and always with a snack on hand gives them fuel indeed.


    Deb [😉]



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