Did it want a shower too?


I just had a shower with a cockroach, it was terrifying!

All was fine when I got into the shower, but shortly after I turned on the water the cockroach appeared. It crawled up the wall right next to me. Now, I’m of the opinion that if you leave cockroaches alone they won’t bother you, I was wrong…

About half way up the wall the cockroach turned evil. It jumped off the wall! I was watching it, it didn’t slip, it jumped! And I freaked! Instinctively I jumped and tried to land well away from the menacing cockroach.

From then on I didn’t take my eye of the cockroach. It decided to make itself at home behind my shampoo. I didn’t need to wash my hair anyway.

If the cockroach stayed there I could finish my shower. But I still needed to wash my body and my body wash was right next to my shampoo.

Carefully I reached out and grabbed my body wash. When I finished there was no way I was going to put it down anywhere near the cockroach, it went on the floor, well away from the shampoo.

When I turned the water off the cockroach popped its head out, and I was out of there.

It was the scariest experience of my day at least.

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