Do you remember when we made a cake?


I’m afraid I have to confess something. I am a time traveller.

In a few years a time-travel device is tested. I was chosen to participate in the trial group. Some of us went back to historic events, others to the future. I was among the group chosen to see how time-travel affects our past selves.

I was sent back in time a few years to observe my past self. At first it was simple, but today I ran into the past version of my best friend. He recognised me and invited me back to his place.

Part of my strict mandate is to observe but not interact. Interaction is deemed too dangerous until we know more. And now I know why.

The first thing my friend noticed when we arrived at his place is the scar on my arm, a scar my past self doesn’t have yet. In my panic I mentioned the time we made a cake together. The problem is that this event is still a few weeks in his future.

Fortunately his phone rang and he answered it outside, but I don’t think I can do this any longer.


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