Would you go?



Earth is about to be invaded by aliens. We do not know the origin of these aliens or their intent. We only know that unidentifiable objects, we count forty-six, are flying in formation towards Earth.

You have been chosen to intercept these objects before they enter Earth’s atmosphere. This will be done by sending you into space in an exposed one-man capsule. You will be wearing a space-suit throughout the trip, which is calculated to have you arriving on the edge of our atmosphere at the same time as the unidentified objects.

On the edge of space you will be completely exposed. The reaction of the unidentified objects will give us a clue as to their intentions. Once they blow you to pieces we will prepare for war!

There is a small chance that you don’t die, but instead are beamed onto the ship. In that unlikely event you must act as a spy for us. Learn their strengths, weaknesses and anything else useful. If you can, convince them to turn around, they can take you hostage if you like.


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