Why did the chicken cross the road?


Has this age old question ever been answered? Maybe, well, I’m going to try to answer it.

Let’s start with the single word road. Could this simple word have a greater meaning? Could it be symbolising a fork in the road of life? Or possibly a valley that must be crossed? A challenge that lies ahead? Or a piece of bitumen that cars commonly drive on?

Now, why cross things. Freedom? A better life? To try something different? Following others? To get away? This list makes it easy to see that the reason the crosser would cross the road is because they believe that the other side is more attractive.

The chicken is also part of the question. What part does she play in this question? Is she a representation for humans? Is she really a she? Can it survive the walk? Is it fully able to walk, or even fly? What is it wearing? Red socks? A blue tutu? A funny hat? Stylish sunglasses? Sweet kicks?

Why? A question that can mean so much, and so I ask why does this chicken want to cross the road? Was it because it didn’t feel welcomed on its current side? Would it be welcomed on the other side? Did it want or need to escape? What did the other side offer that this side couldn’t? Was there an attractive rooster on the other side?

What do you think? Well, why don’t I just tell you? With all that I’ve told you it’s simple to see why the chicken crossed the road… The chicken crossed the road because it was a robot chicken controlled by a controller that had fallen on the ground and was being eaten by a crocodile.

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