Do you want some facts about leaves?


Three ways to kill a dead leaf…

Have you ever been outside and seen a leaf on the ground? Perhaps you decided to pick that leaf up, here are three ways you can now kill it.

Number One: Dismemberment
The leaf is dead, which means that when you attempt to kill it by separating its side from its middle, the leaf will not struggle against you.

Dismemberment is probably the easiest and most common form of killing a dead leaf. However, this makes proper burial very difficult for the leaf’s family.

Number Two: Drowning
The dead leaf is at your mercy, and a creek is nearby. But it’s not enough to sit the leaf on top of the water, you have to force it under.

Drowning is very common for leaves that want to be cremated, but as it’s drowning, a dead leaf is consumed by the water and dies a miserable death.

Number Three: Light it on fire
The leaf is just sitting there, dead. And you have a magnifying glass, so let’s put a few holes in the leaf. But sooner or later you’ll just light it on fire.

Lighting leaves on fire is the way all leaves want to die once they are dead. One final hurrah and then they’re a pile of ash.

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