Do you want to be an animal?


If I was a bird, I would be a peli-guin. That’s cross between a pelican, and a penguin.

I think that would be a great mix, they both eat fish from the ocean. Which means I have a constant income of food because the ocean is huge.

But how would I cover all this ocean, would I swim or fly? Well, as a peli-guin I can do both. A pelican’s wings can take me wherever I want above the ocean and when I spot my prey I can dive in and swim after it like a penguin.

While I’m in the ocean chasing a fish a shark might decide that I look like a tasty treat, which I am, but I wouldn’t want to be eaten by a shark. So I would just swim to the surface and start flying again. The shark can’t follow me, it can’t fly.

Unless it’s a sh-eagle…

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