When were you born?


I’m not surprised when people dismiss what I say. It happens every single day. What I say is so absurd that people probably think I’ve escaped from the local mental institution.

Recently I have been telling people that I was born in eighteen-eighty-four.

However, people don’t seem to notice that this good-looking guy in his twenties is apparently 130 years old. Surely they aren’t grasping the importance of what I just said.

It could mean any number of things that are very important!

I may have met The Doctor, who transported me in time forward to this date. Maybe I’m a vampire that wants to suck your blood. I could have immortality. I might have the best anti-ageing cream ever. I could be Superman, or have a watch that adds years to my life.

On a side note, please don’t tell them I’ve escaped.

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