Can I bury you alive?


I know that might seem like a very strange request, but let me tell you why…

You see it all started in the summer of ’99. I was younger back then, so I wasn’t as old as I am now. You got that?

Anyway, so I’m on the beach and I see these two guys in black hoddies carrying a big plastic bag. They also have a couple of shovels, so they start digging a hole. I think they’re building a sandcastle so I go over and start helping them dig their hole.

They seem like nice guys, and tell me that they’ve got buckets and stuff in the bag. We keep digging the hole, and it gets so big that I can stand up in it.

Then they throw the bag of buckets down into the hole. So I open it and look inside, one of the guys tried to stop me, but I had already seen what was inside.

I ran away and haven’t told anyone what was inside the bag.

Well, that’s the story. What do you think? Can I bury you alive?

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