Is this a dream?


I was playing football this afternoon, I was at the back. We played a back four and I was one of the centre-backs, I read the game well, and I’m comfortable with the ball at my feet. Anyway, just before I left there was an attack down the right. I was marking someone in the centre, but the keeper came to collect. Once he had the ball we centre-backs split and I received the ball from the keeper, controlled it and looked up before playing a pass. Then I had to go.

I had to pick up a friend from a nearby café. I jogged to meet her and we came back via the game of football. Unfortunately, it had finished. The field was empty and I was disappointed.

As we walked back to my place it began to get a bit steep, and soon there was a cliff in front of us. There must have been an Earthquake, maybe that’s why they stopped playing football. Anyway, we decide to climb this cliff, we managed to climb it easily. I have good upper body strength. But as I was almost at the top, the rock I was holding fell, and so did I.

Then I hit the floor and woke up.

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