Do I get the blue one or the red one?


Recently I had an idea, it could be a movie, or a book, or a TV series.

Here it is: What if choice could kill?

Say people lived in a world where they had a minute to make a decision, and if they didn’t make their decision in that time, they would explode.

It would create more jobs, there would be ‘Indecision Explosion Clean-Up Units’ (IECU), ‘Decision Makers International’ (DMI), and labs everywhere looking for a cure.

A TV series could follow the IECU as they race through shopping centres cleaning up because people couldn’t decide between the blue one or the red one.

A movie could follow the life of a DMI worker. Every day he takes calls from stressed people to help them make their decision, often with less than 30 seconds. And the movie would be about how he comes to terms with hearing a person explode for the first time.

It would certainly be an interesting world, and I’m sure there would be plenty of stories in it, like the guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted fries with his meal…

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