Why did I type that?


Jast is not a word. So why did I write it down?

Well, because you ask I will make up an audacious reason that is far from the truth. And when I have finished answering with my audacious answer, you will give me a look and ask “Really?” Then I will tell you a more realistic answer that you might believe…

Well, I clearly wrote down the letters J-A-S-T because it is a new word for an expression. To jast is to joyfully cry when a cow has been squashed by a suddenly beached whale. I wrote the word down because I was remembering the time when I was jastting on the edge of a swimming pool.

“Really?” I hear you ask.

Well, maybe, but more likely is the probability that I was really trying to type the word ‘haste’. The ‘J’ key is next to ‘H’, that explains the ‘J’. For the ‘E’, I simply realised that I had hit the ‘J’ key instead and because of that I stopped typing before I got the chance to hit the ‘E’ key.

And that is conceivably, possibly, maybe, probably, within the realm of what happened.

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