Why did he just look at the ceiling?


That guy just looked at the ceiling. And now I’m worried. Now I look at the ceiling. I just see the ceiling. It seems to be normal and sturdy. I have faith it will hold for the hour or so that I’m here. It’s all good.

But now I’m really worried… he just looked at the ceiling again. So I look again. Is that a crack? Is that a crack in the ceiling?!? Now I’m nervous. There’s a crack in the ceiling and this guy keeps looking at it!

This guy must be an engineer. He knows what’s up and what’s not staying up. He saw the crack. He knows that the ceiling is about to cave in on us all. But it can’t, I look up, surely not.

Now the guy is really close. He comes and sits next to me. He grins. It’s an evil grin. He knows! The ceiling is about to cave in and kill us both! He knows this and all he wants to do is sit next to me and watch me be crushed by the ceiling and die!

Now I feel really, really, really special. This random guy wants to spend his last moments with me. That’s pretty cool.

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