Do you want peace?


I recently had a concept for a villain. So I thought I’d share it with you…

The villain has just disarmed a combatant in an epic fight. Our disarmed combatant lies helpless on the ground as the villain goes into a monologue:

Peace. It’s a tricky concept to grasp. You see it’s not a world without war. It’s not a household without conflict. It’s not a talk without disagreement.

Peace is so much deeper. Peace is when our minds are so tranquil that there is not one single care in them. No one worried about what they’re having for dinner.

Every single worry causes disagreements, conflicts and war.There is only one way to stop a person from worrying, from caring, from thinking. Death.

So, I ask you, (pause while villain points weapon at helpless combatant) do you want peace?

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