Do you really want peace?


Last week I shared a concept I had for a villain and a pre-kill monologue about peace. And as I was writing it I realised I could easily adapt it for the Star Wars universe. The Jedi and Sith codes both talk of peace, and a Sith is a fun character to write…

Our Sith has just overpowered a weak Jedi in an epic duel. The Jedi lies helpless on the ground, but still conscious. Our Sith has a few words of encouragement before he delivers the killing blow:

SITH: There is no emotion, there is only peace. Peace is a lie. There is no such thing. There is only passion.

Passion lives in everyone, even you. Every single mind is filled with passion. No one can live without it. Passion controls all our thoughts, all our ideas, all our actions.

You Jedi rely on passion, you rely on love. And it is this passion for love that makes you weak. You strive for control, for peace, and you think love will get you there. You’re a contradiction.

There is truly only one way to gain serenity, to have peace. Death. (the Sith ignites his lightsaber)

JEDI: There is no death, there is the force.

SITH: And the force shall free me! (then the Sith kills the Jedi)

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