Where did you come from?


A while ago I found a strange coin in my wallet. It was a 20 cent piece… from New Zealand. And it told me this story…

I was minted on a cold winter’s day in 1976. And minted doesn’t mean I taste nice, although you could ask the dog that ate me, that was an adventure.

In 1982 I was used to purchase a chocolate bar worth 70 cents. It was here that I feel in love with a 50 cent piece. We were both young, probably too young, but you should’ve seen us. We were inseparable, and that wasn’t just because of the chewing gum that held us together. Unfortunately she was taken from me, but I’ll never forget her.

About ten years later I moved to Australia. It was a new adventure for me, and a risky one. I wasn’t always welcome in this country. My Kiwi heritage, which I’m very proud of, caused many Australians to reject me. But a few Aussies accepted me and I began to find my feet in Australia.

Today I feel quite at home in Australia or New Zealand. But I’ll always be a Kiwi at heart.

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