How do I react to the death of a bug?


We are gathered here to celebrate the life of Mr Hatinger. Our local explorer, who sadly died last week exploring our community.

Throughout this service we will hear from those close to Mr Hatinger. His brother, work colleagues and friends.

But before they speak I feel that I should tell you exactly how Mr Hatinger died. You see, Mr Hatinger was murdered! He died exploring the vast land of ‘next door’, and it was there that his life was ended.

It was a classic case of assault, Mr Hatinger died in an instant. The shoe was typically hard, and a huge amount of downward pressure was applied. Mr Hatinger had no chance.

And now three days later, we must remember Mr Hatinger for the bravery he showed exploring. So it is with great sadness that I invite fellow explorer Mr Baying to share his thoughts.

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