Do you wanna know what would be perfect?


I would like some flowers, some edible flowers.

I am not the kind of person that admires flowers for long periods. I think they’re pretty, but they’re a decoration, and not my style of decoration (I prefer football shirts hanging everywhere). But if I could eat flowers they would become the coolest thing ever.

It would combine the beauty of flowers and the deliciousness of food. I would suggest that each flower is a flavour of chocolate. Roses could be cherry flavoured chocolate. Daffodils could be caramel flavour. I would enjoy my flowers so much more, and on two different levels.

It would also save money. The ‘I love you’ combo for every husband is flowers and chocolate. Imagine if you only had to buy edible flowers, it would save money.

And I think that would be a perfect date. I would bring edible flowers, we could admire them while we eat dinner, and then eat the flowers for desert. Perfect.

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