Do you want me to cry?


A friend of mine recently asked me, “Can you come to my funeral?” I quickly replied, “Sure, when is it?” We both laughed.

And then we started planning each other’s funerals. He wants an open casket, but he doesn’t want his dead body inside. He wants to hide his body somewhere else during the funeral. I think I’ll dress it up nice and sit it next to me. Anyway, when people come up to see him in the box, they’ll get a shock and freak out. Sounds fun.

At my funeral I want a mixture of classic hymns and dance music. That’ll be at the service, but afterwards I want to be cremated. I would like to recreate the scene from Star Wars Episode I. So, I’ll need someone to play Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Mace. Once that’s done I want people to toast marshmallows over my flaming corpse while everyone sings campfire songs.

But I have one last question, “Do you want me to cry at your funeral while I’ve got your dead body sitting next to me in a dress?”

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