Can I go to bed?


It’s not often that I would ask that question, or want to ask that question. The reason is simple: I am generally considered to be a grown man. I don’t ask if I can go to bed, if I’m tired, I just go to bed.

So why am I wanting to ask this question now?

Even though I may be a rather handsome and dashing gentleman, I am not generally considered beautiful. Therefore I need my beauty sleep!

I also need rest. After a full day of being the handsomely dashing gentleman that I am, I am exhausted. So I need to rest my mind, body and soul so I can do it all again.

Night is generally boring. There is nothing on television, the radio only plays boring music from before my time and all other people seem to be asleep. So you can poke them! And apply shaving cream to their face! But even that gets boring, so I don’t really need to be awake during the boring night.

It is clear to me that at this time of day I wish for the comfort of bed because I am bored. I am bored because I am tired, and don’t feel beautiful yet…

So… can I go to bed?

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