What to analyse?


I thought it was about time I analysed something. Cause people are always saying I should. Yeah, always.

So, I’m going to analyse something. I’m going to analyse one of my own statements. This is the statement that I will analyse: Mad cow disease is breaking out in cats. That sounds very reasonable to me, after all, I said it.

Let’s analyse from the beginning, the word ‘Mad’. To be mad is to have something wrong with the mind. As described in the Australian Oxford dictionary. But let’s look at it from a different angle, backwards it spells dam. A dam is a wall that is built to hold water back. Clearly more meaningful in this case.

Cow, or more well, known as beef, is another curious word which we must look at from a different angle. Turn it upside down and it becomes com. And that is simply an acronym for ‘Cut Out Men’.  COM is the committee for men cut out of cardboard. They meet once a month I think.

So in this case ‘Dam com’ clearly refers to the fact that cut out men have been building dams.

For the reason they are building these dams, we have to go to the end of the sentence. ‘Cats’. Cats are the enemy of Cut Out Men. The Cut Out Men are clearly building the dam to hold back cats. A dam will stop cats from breaking out. And breaking in. Because if they did break out or in, cats would cause the Cut Out Men to die from a disease known as ‘Staples’.

Quite simple really.

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