What do I write about?


What do I write about!?!

That question has been on my mind for at least four years of my life! Ok, maybe not four, but at least two. That figure is calculated from every occasion on which I have wondered what to write about. That includes school and uni assignments, essays, creative writing pieces and now this blog.

I’ve already considered writing about the coffee cup to my right, complete with brown murky liquid. I could list various uses for that brown murky liquid, including pouring it over my human chop for extra flavour!

But I can’t write that. It’ll make everyone that reads this, and considering that this is now free for anyone and everyone to view, think that I’m a cannibal. It might also put me on an FBI watch-list. I’m not a cannibal. But what if everyone thought I was? I’d never have anyone brave enough to come over for dinner…

With me, your rule number one is never take anything I say seriously. But that human chop sure was nice, especially with the coffee sauce.

6 thoughts on “What do I write about?

    • Yes. All the time. But not because I want the thrill of cutting people with a knife. It’s because I wonder “How would that guy react if I cut his arm or leg off?”


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