What have you done this time?


So, I see this chainsaw. And have you ever looked at a chainsaw and thought, I wonder if that could chop my legs off? Well I do.

This chainsaw, it was just lying there next to a tree. So I go over and pick it up. It was heavier than I expected, just like the lightsaber I picked up last week. It was a green chainsaw, just like the lightsaber.

Anyway, so I had the chainsaw in my hands and chopped my legs off, just like I did with the lightsaber last week.

Pretty soon some people started gathering around me to help. Someone called an ambulance and waited for it to arrive. And while she was waiting a guy picked up one of my legs and started hitting me with it. So I picked up my other leg and started hitting him. He ran away.

Then the ambulance bought me here to the hospital. I brought my legs too, you can glue ’em back on, just like last week.

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