Do you mind me calling you a pig?


Oh Scarlet you’re such a pig!

I hope you don’t mind me calling you a pig. Oh, sorry. You probably do, sorry. You’re wonderful!

It’s… It’s just that… well, you kinda eat a lot. I mean it’s all I ever see you do. And the way you eat, without cutlery, it’s kinda gross. And you love mud for some reason. You probably eat the stuff.

Which is horrible for your figure. Most girls have shape, and I’m not saying you don’t have a shape. It’s just that you’ve put on quite a bit lately. Those thighs really show it. That is… once you get past the ballooning body. You’re not expecting?

Sorry I asked. And sorry I called you a pig. I love you! I love your pink complexion. It really brings out your eyes. And how could I not mention your curly pink tail. With your dirty, but always luscious snout at the other end.

I love you Scarlet!

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