Can I get a burger?


I got a new car! Its red, it has a bull bar and it can go off-road! It’s quite the ride.

Anyway, I wanna tell you about my first trip in my new car. And the first thing I wanted to do in my new car was drive-thru a fast food joint and get a burger. So that’s what I did.

I got into my new car and drove to a fast food joint. Once I got there I saw the open door and drove inside. The car was a bit wider than the door, but the bull bar took care of that. There were also a few people standing at the counter, so I decided to pull up behind them and wait.

However, everyone started screaming and running. They were shouting “Drive-by! Drive-by!” I’m not sure why they had to say it twice, but they did. Maybe they were trying to tell me the new name for drive-thru.

Anyway, because everyone had run away I was next in line. So I carefully drove to the counter, there were a few bumps, someone must’ve dropped a burger. And then, my mind went blank. I forgot what I wanted. You know there are suddenly all these options in front of you, so you forget the one thing you wanted.

Eventually, after a minute or so I ordered some chips and a drink. The service was good, I paid, got my stuff, and calmly drove my new car out through the other door. Again it was a bit small, but the bull bar came in handy again.

It was only as I was driving home that I remembered I wanted a burger…

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