What would you choose to do in your adventure?


There’s a tap on the window. It’s late at night but through the breeze you hear another tap on the window. In the city taps on the window are common. Putting your cup down you head over to the window and open the curtains. Looking down you see Frank, but he’s different.

Frank is normally jovial, with a big smile on his face, but now his hair is a mess, he seems to be constantly looking over his shoulder and he’s hunched over. He bends down to pick up another stone, but when he looks up he sees you and beckons you down.

You open the door, stepping out you hear a soft call from the shadows. Slowly you go over to Frank. Up close you see his black eye and bruised hands. “They took Sally.”
“Wait! What? Sorry.” is your only reply.
“The Blue Fruit Gang. They say I owe them money.”

The Blue Fruit Gang control fifty per cent of the city through the distribution of the drug Blue Fruit. It’s powerful, addictive and has most of the city hooked.

“I bought some Blue Fruit a month ago but I paid them, I swear.” Frank pleaded as his communicator beeped. “It’s a picture of Sally.”
Frank hands you the phone. “Look! It’s time stamped, it was taken a minute ago.” You hand the phone back to Frank. “Hang on, I know where that is. It’s the old warehouse, I work next door.”
“What do we do, go after her or call the authorities?” asks Frank.

To call the authorities turn to page 48.
To go to the warehouse yourselves turn to page 105.

Do you remember when we made a cake?


I’m afraid I have to confess something. I am a time traveller.

In a few years a time-travel device is tested. I was chosen to participate in the trial group. Some of us went back to historic events, others to the future. I was among the group chosen to see how time-travel affects our past selves.

I was sent back in time a few years to observe my past self. At first it was simple, but today I ran into the past version of my best friend. He recognised me and invited me back to his place.

Part of my strict mandate is to observe but not interact. Interaction is deemed too dangerous until we know more. And now I know why.

The first thing my friend noticed when we arrived at his place is the scar on my arm, a scar my past self doesn’t have yet. In my panic I mentioned the time we made a cake together. The problem is that this event is still a few weeks in his future.

Fortunately his phone rang and he answered it outside, but I don’t think I can do this any longer.


Would you go?



Earth is about to be invaded by aliens. We do not know the origin of these aliens or their intent. We only know that unidentifiable objects, we count forty-six, are flying in formation towards Earth.

You have been chosen to intercept these objects before they enter Earth’s atmosphere. This will be done by sending you into space in an exposed one-man capsule. You will be wearing a space-suit throughout the trip, which is calculated to have you arriving on the edge of our atmosphere at the same time as the unidentified objects.

On the edge of space you will be completely exposed. The reaction of the unidentified objects will give us a clue as to their intentions. Once they blow you to pieces we will prepare for war!

There is a small chance that you don’t die, but instead are beamed onto the ship. In that unlikely event you must act as a spy for us. Learn their strengths, weaknesses and anything else useful. If you can, convince them to turn around, they can take you hostage if you like.


Are you leaving?


I picked up a leaf today. It was old, discoloured and beat up, but it still had enough fight left to tell me a story…

She sprouted from the big tree a few hours before Frank, her leaf mate. They grew up right next to each other as the birds sat on the big tree. She and Frank loved singing with the birds.

They grew to full size, still singing and loving it. Nothing could come between them, until one fateful day when another leaf sprouted between them. This new leaf hated life and only thought of himself.

She and Frank had to leave the big tree. Together they jumped, but a gust of wind caught Frank and blew him far away.

That was a week ago. There’s very little chance he survived this long.

I decided to put the leaf down, but I want to help her find Frank.

What is a nut sundae?


Like many, you may be enjoying a sundae as you read this. But I’m sure very few of you know the story of that sundae.

In a French village south of Paris, a chef worked hard all week, except Sunday, his day of rest. On Sundays the restaurant closed, which gave the village idiot an idea.

He bought some ice-cream and some chocolate sauce. He combined his ingredients and set-up shop outside the closed restaurant and wrote the name of his shop on a chalkboard “SUNDAE.” He meant to write Sunday, but didn’t know how to spell.

One Sunday the restaurant chef came by and had a “Sundae,” he liked it and started serving Sundaes in his restaurant. He even named the Nut Sundae after the village idiot.

What should I pack?


Swimming gear
Ice skates
Space suit
Scuba diving suit
Washing Machine
Unread Library
Kitchen Sink

Do you have a paper cut?


Has this ever happened to you? You’re at a child’s birthday party when you’re attacked by a balloon sword. You’re in the office when a piece of paper attacks you. A tiny stone infiltrates your shoe.

Everyone knows the pain these scarring events cause. Paper cuts, balloon attacks and shoe stones are among the highest causes of pain today.

Everyone hates pain, but getting rid of it it impossible. That is until today!

Introducing the newest and best pain relief technique. This new method of pain relief is scientifically proven to eliminate all pain. Introducing the guillotine!

The guillotine can’t stop paper cuts, balloon attacks or shoe stones, but it does provide immediate pain relief when they strike.

Try it every time paper attacks!