Am I decieving you?


Yes, I am decieving you. I’m hidden so deep that you don’t even know it.

I’m every single thought in your head, every reach of your hand, every gaze of your eyes. Basically your under my control. If I say touch this or look at that, you do it. Your mind is a palace, full of the most amazing things. So why stop there? Let’s get it all.

I love the world, full of so much stuff. But really your emotions make it so fun. I can’t wait for the next image of lust, the next idol of greed or the next object of coveting. It’s so easy to manipulate you.

But don’t you see you blind bufoon? That’s all a lie. You’re hard to manipulate. You’re so stong willed, so disciplined with your emotions and so aware of me at every turn. You’re very good, I applaud you…

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