Do pumpkins roll?


“Well, I reckon do it in one hit.

“There are times to spread it out a bit, and people who do that get their thrill from other things. But for me it has to be one hit. I don’t like sneaking around. I like being bold and doing it out in the open. Of course there are laws against that, but that’s where my excitement comes from.

“I guess I’m rebellious like that. It’s so exhilarating when you chop off someone’s head in full view of everyone. Or, like a few weeks ago, when I hit someone with a tonne of bricks. You’ve gotta get a crane to do that, but it was great fun.

“I think I like those one hits that don’t immediately… Sorry what? Oh, I thought you meant killing people when you were talking. I didn’t know people took gardening that seriously.

“Well sorry, but you should plant them in one hit.”

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