Why does milk become thick?


One morning, as I was looking out the window, the milkman came to deliver our daily order of milk. As he did every morning, he put two glass bottles full of fresh milk on our porch, turned around and left as quickly as he came.

A few minutes later, an elephant strode towards our house and sucked up all the milk in its trunk. The elephant then did a handstand on the two empty bottles. After finishing the handstand with a majestic jump and twist, the elephant emptied the contents of its trunk back into the two milk bottles.

Shortly after, a pelican wandered onto our porch. It picked up the milk bottles and emptied the contents into its mouth. Then the pelican threw the empty bottles high into the air and took flight. With precision accuracy the pelican caught both bootles in mid-air. The pelican landed on our porch and spat out the milk back into the two milk bottles.

“Get up Tony! Time for breackfast! Do you want milk on your cereal?”

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