Will you come in?


It was the light that attracted me. I had never seen it before, and yet, I knew it was good the moment I saw it.

I wasn’t even sure where it came from at first, but I kept searching until I found a house at the end of the street. Why was this house the only one with the lights on?

As I approached I saw there was no door, instead there was a wall of liquid where the door shoul’ve been. And in the light I worked out it was blood. Was everyone inside covered by this blood?

“Come in.” said a voice from inside. The voice was smooth, calm and deep. I felt safe, so I trusted him and stepped through the blood. Who was this voice?

Inside was pure white, even the blood I brought in with me vanished. But there was no one inside, and the lights weren’t even on. The building itself was shining from the inside out. As I stood in awe, I heard footsteps behind me…

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