Is that comfortable?


Please take a seat, today you have a choice of three seats while you enjoy your refreshment.

The first is our pins and needles couch. Basically if you like blood oozing out of your butt, this couch is for you! The upholstery is so realistic that you’re not sure if its a couch, or bed of nails! It’s a normal couch otherwise.

The second devilish choice is the bean bag of razor sharp rocks! If you like skewered human you’ll love this! The graphic is a picture of the razor sharp rocks down at the beach that have sliced open many surfers. Otherwise it’s a normal bean bag.

And finally you can sit on the heavenly pineapple chair! We made this because we had too many pineapples, so we stacked them together, green bits up, added a pineapple back rest, and made a chair. It’s fantastic!

So, where are you going to sit?


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