Are you wearing different shoes?


Todd walked the big city streets in awe. He had never seen so many budings! And they all seemed to reach to the sky!

Todd liked looking up at the buildings, because every time he looked down he only noticed one thing… Everyone had matching shoes. And not just matching, but a left-footed shoe.

Todd looked down at his feet, he wore his older brother’s brown right-footed shoe on his left-foot, and his own black right-footed shoe on his right-foot.

Todd wondered if the people here knew about Old Man Wajistakum. He lived in Todd’s hometown and hated left-footed shoes. If he saw a left-footed shoe he’d start attacking it with an axe. Many people lost a foot that way. In the end people just stopped wearing left-footed shoes.

Now that Todd saw what left-footed shoes looked like, he thought Old Man Wajistakum was right. Left-footed shoes are weird! Todd was glad he bought an axe…

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