Are you calm?


Today we are going to do something different. We are all stressed, so today I’m going to calm you down with an impromptu meditation exercise.

STEP ONE: Close your eyes

This turns your focus around. You are no longer looking at this screen, the outside world or all your prob— Actually no. Don’t do that, because then you can’t read this.

Hmmm… okay got it.

STEP ONE: Close your fist

As you do that I want you to tense all the muscles in your arm. Let all your anger fuel the energy in your arm and through to your fist. Put your clenched fist in your other pal— Wait! This is supposed to be calming.

Hmmmm… okay, try this.

STEP ONE: Breathe in

Let the air flow though your nostrils. Notice how your head lifts. Feel your lungs fill with air. Now think of wide open spaces. No one is around. It’s just you, no one will ever bother you again. You are all alon— What!? Is it just me or does that sound really sad and depressing?

Hmmmmm… okay, one last try.


Stop what you’re doing. Take a second, a minute, an hour. Just relax. Tomorrow will take car— Sorry!?. You can breathe out now. Probably should have told you that earlier.

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