Is that roadkill?


The highway was hauntingly beautiful. The setting sun coloured the clouds in various hues of yellow, orange and purple, while the glare almost made the road invisible. On either side of the road silhouetted bodies were identifiable hundreds of metres down the long, straight bitumen.

One of the bodies was Robin, a wallaby. She was fiercely independent and hopped out on her own from an early age. She craved the wild life, carefree and limitless. Then she met Riger.

Riger was a kangaroo. Small, rugged and picked on by the rest of the mob. Riger never had the physical attributes to contribute to the mob, and so he left. He enjoyed life off on his own.

It was a perfect match. Their adventurous spirits drew them together and bonded them for life. They travelled far and wide, across mountains and marshlands. They enjoyed countless moonlit nights together in the outback.

It was romantic how their lives were ended in the same instant, by the same road-train, as the sun coloured the sky. However, fate separated their final resting places, Robin thrown to the right of the road and Riger the left. Even now their spirits are separated by the seven metre strip of highway…

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