Half a fish?


This is a story I wrote with a friend of mine. The way we wrote it was one word at a time, they wrote one word, then I wrote the next word. And we did that until we felt like ending the story. It may be a little erratic and incomprehensible, but it was fun to write and see how the story changed with each word as we combined our ideas. Enjoy!

One afternoon a fish swam away in fear that the lady discovered that he was a toad. He really liked mushroom’s cooked on barbecues because they tasted marvelous. One mushroom began floating on air and glowing like a firefly. The fish burst with joy as the mushroom soared into the lamp-post and exploded!

The lamp-post toppled over because it hated mushrooms with exploding tendencies. Curiously toads can eat any coloured fungi, including red submariners, sardines from Scandinavia and poisonous marshmallows. His friend sneakily climbed into the lamp and licked the mushroom carcass up.

“Disgusting!” exclaimed Fish. “That could’ve poisoned me! My tail has splotches all under it!”

“Who put you in my lamp-post,” shrieked the lady.

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