Half a human?


This is a story I wrote with a friend of mine. The way we wrote it was one word at a time, they wrote one word, then I wrote the next word. And we did that until we felt like ending the story. It may be a little erratic and incomprehensible, but it was fun to write and see how the story changed with each word as we combined our ideas. Enjoy!

Since wars finished Sam hadn’t eaten any humans. It worried Jennifer, his owner, because he lost all his willpower and desire. Before the wars were bloody they was robots carnage, delivered under leadership of Great Iron Colgaite the Deserter, because theoretically he saved a whole ice-cream from melting. Yet, Colgaite forgot to develop computer technology for, actually useful, for exploding the organics.This mistake cost Colgaite millions of lives.

Sam decided to take Jennifer to the museum, her favourite place. Deciding this was difficult, as the computers hated learning about globalisation. Despite this Sam managed to sneak Jennifer in.

“I once thought she looked like a biotic eyebrow,” said the computer matrix. This was confusing as Sam decided to make cookies on his Jennifer, her special recipe made delicious cookies.

“Don’t allow cookies to burn inside the core,” warned Jennifer.

“Understood,” replied Sam. “However, I can’t eat the unburnt confectionery, including cookies, lollies, even chocolate!” declared Sam.

The museum decided to close their doors, trapping Jennifer and Sam forever! As Sam discovered a glitch in the lock he lifted from the mainframe a few codes ago that told them that escape was possible! But only if Sam had two computer-chips, which could only be triggered after sacrificing humanoid feet. Luckily Jennifer had humanoid feet attached to her stomach-pit. Sam quickly reached for the lever and grabbed them and pushed the lever. Receiving the feet and putting them into the feet-hole. Immediately the museum doors opened releasing Sam and Jennifer, letting them free to eat their humans outside while enjoying their company!

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