When will I see you again?


As I hang off the edge of this cliff, my mind flashbacks to the terrible events leading to my imminent death.

It all started that morning when I got out of bed. It seemed just like every other day. I ate cereal for breakfast, fed my dog, got dressed, put the lead on my dog, opened the door and started our daily walk.

Samson is my five year old Golden Retriever. He and I are inseparable. He was a gift from my fiancee five years ago, and for seven months it’s just been us. I know Samson misses her just as much as I do. It was the worst day of our lives when we heard of Mary’s accident. I wish I knew what Samson felt. Maybe then we could talk with each other about Mary, instead Samson just listens while I cry on the stairs. Samson is the only thing I have in this world, and our morning walks keep us going… just.

Today I decided to take Samson to the cliffs. I don’t why I decided to come to the cliffs today, usually we go to the park. But the cliffs were Mary’s favourite spot, and I always feel like she’s right next to me again when I come here. It’s a special spot for us. I proposed here. That afternoon we had a picnic out here and I proposed as we watched the sunset. She said yes. That was six years ago, and since then we returned with Samson almost every weekend. Mary loved watching Samson chase the seagulls as they came for our chips.

There are seagulls here today, I can still hear them flying around me. Earlier Samson was chasing them even though he never caught one. I let him chase to his hearts content. That cheered me up a little, but soon I thought of Mary and tears came to my eyes. Samson didn’t notice that I was in tears, just like he didn’t notice the edge of the cliff. It all happened so quickly, Samson fell and I raced over. Amazingly he landed on a ledge a metre below the edge. He stood still in terror. Without thinking I lowered myself onto the ledge. But it couldn’t take my weight. The ledge collapsed. I grabbed hold of the cliff edge, but Samson had no chance. The complete terror in his bark as he fell to his death is the most horrific thing I’ve heard in my life.

And that brings me here, hanging off this cliff knowing that Mary and Samson are gone. Right now both of them are up there, and all I can do is let go and fall into their arms…

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